JAG - More of the Same

JAG - More of the Same

Finnish MC JAG, whose interview you can read in the 32nd issue of our magazine, released his third full-length album "More of the Same". These are twelve tracks, sustained in a single style and impregnated with the atmosphere of classical hip-hop.

JAG does not hide that in hip-hop his main inspiration is boom bap. But, despite the canonicity and traditions of this sub-genre of hip-hop music, JAG presents its own understanding of hip-hop with classical sound.

"More of the Same" pleases with a calm and melodic sound. It's really a beautiful hip-hop album, and you will enjoy it at home on a quiet evening. Its beats are filled with wonderful jazz samples. One of the most vivid and emotional tracks is "Runaway Pt. 2". He bewitches with its melody and memorable chorus performed by Anton. But there are energetic and even hardcore tracks on the album, which immediately arouse the listener's memories of the heavy basses and rhythms of the New York rap of the 90s. Among such, for example, is the track "Rush".

Unity of the album is based not only on general sound, but also on a thoughtful tracklist, in which smooth tracks alternate with more powerful and assertive tracks. And, of course, add very important ingredients - JAG's flow and lyrics, which complete the picture of this album.

Summarizing, we can confidently say that "More of the Same" will be a great gift for every hip-hop fan!




01. Rockin Like a Playa
02. Turn It Up
03. L.O.V.E.
04. Baron Davis
05. Rush
06. Tales (feat. Kanasu Barz)
07. Runaway Pt. 2 (feat. Anton)
08. Reality Check (feat. Walt Miguel)
09. Gutter Rap
10. Losin My Mind
11. Ego Bruise
12. Big In Japan / Rafters


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