In the 33rd issue of "Slovo" magazine, European and American hip-hop is represented in its various forms. SUPERLOVE presents an unusual experimental sound, which combines completely different styles of music. The legendary father of death rap Necro talked about his new music and why this kind of lyrics in hip-hop are the most honest and realistic. A new generation of Boston hip-hop is represented by the talented MC BusyBars. Ice Grill has completed work on its second album, which will blow up your sound system! The album by Emmey Gramz captivated listeners with its diversity and harmonious eclecticism. We think, it will not leave you indifferent. The veteran of Harlem hip-hop, DJ Supreme, talked about his vinyl collection and mixtapes as a way to bring listeners to independent boom bap. Soom Aya, Tomawack label manager, talked about how to independently organize a European tour for artists. Photographer Yana Insmut conveys the beauty of real life and real people in her photos. Among the heroes of her images are many young hip-hop artists. Yana seeks to reflect the atmosphere of their music in her photo sessions.

And, of course, in the 33rd issue of "Slovo" are reviews of the most interesting releases of the summer. In particular, it is review of the magnificent album of Finnish MC JAG "More of the Same".



Mix It
20 years ago
JAG "More of the Same"
Ice Grill
Emmey Gramz
Tomawack Tour
DJ Supreme
Yana Insmut
Digital Illusion




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