R.I.P of Beto Di Ghetto

R.I.P of Beto Di Ghetto

Brothers and Fans of Beto Di Ghetto, as you know he passed away and left 4 children. All his life he was a Bro, a Soldier in search of Justice and Social Equality. Not only words in their rhymes, but, of Attitude, in their Acts. He was not greedy.

So he did not leave much money when he left. Beto was for the Brotherhood, Sharing, Community. It was these characteristics that made him create a vast family (Brothers) wherever he went. Head up, God with us, were his most used words. I would like you to support Beto's Children, showing True Love for Him and His Message of Music. As he said: From the Word to the Act!

There is a website where everyone can help by buying products from his brand, whose value will revert to help his children. Who cannot help with money, share the link of the site everywhere, so that it reaches anyone who can contribute. But if you can buy something or donate, remember! The word passes to Attitude. Do Something! Today! Now! Beto R.I.P.

Thank you!


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